A Day at the TempleBehind the Bishops DoorBehind the Zion CurtainDespots of DeseretDinosaur PerversionsDragons of the Book of Mormon
Flying Over BabelGayrabian NightsGodInterview with a Mission PresidentInvasion of the Spirit SnatchersLatter-Gay Saints
Let the Faggots BurnLying for the LordMarginal MormonsMissionaries Make the Best CompanionsMormon BulliesMormon Fairy Tales
Mormon MadnessMormon UnderwearSelling the city of EnochSex Among the SaintsSex on the SabbathThe Abominable Gayman
The Circumcision of GodThe Gay Mormon QuilterThe Golem of Rabbi LoewThe Last Days LingerThe Moat Around ZionThe Mormon Inquisition
The Mormon Victorian SocietyThe Tyranny of SilenceThe Washing of BrainsWeeping, Wailing, and Gnashing of TeethZombies for Jesus