Missionaries Make the Best Companions In this collection of Mormon short stories, a sadistic mission leader torments a young missionary. An ex-Mormon tries to seduce a faithful member by showing him increasingly suggestive movies. A sister missionary fulfills her community service requirement by babysitting for a prostitute. Two elders break their mission rules by venturing into the forbidden French Quarter. A black Mormon deals with racism in the Church. A schizophrenic woman tries to do her part spreading the gospel. A senior missionary couple try to reactivate lapsed members while their own family falls apart back home. A young man hopes that serving a second full-time mission will lead him up the Church hierarchy. Two bored missionaries decide to make a little extra money moonlighting in a male stripper club. Two frustrated elders find an acceptable way to masturbate-by donating to a Fertility Clinic. A lonely man searches for the favorite companion he hasn't seen in thirty years.